Sifu Aaron Arden

Sifu Aaron Arden

Sifu, Owner

Sifu Aaron Arden, the owner and head instructor at the Temple Of The Dragon, has trained for more than  20 years in the Martial Arts. Early in his life Sifu Aaron studied philosophy, psychology, meditation, and natural medicine and played football and wrestled in school sports. Not finding a traditional Kung Fu school in his area, he took classes at a traditional Karate school.

Then upon moving from Dayton, Ohio to Charlotte, North Carolina, he met his current teacher, Master Eric Sbarge of The Peaceful Dragon, and has been training in the traditional Chinese Martial Arts ever since. Sifu Aaron Arden has trained extensively in the arts of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Pa-Kua, Hsing-I, Shuai Chiao, Chinese Kenpo, Yoga, and Meditation.

Sifu Aaron Arden has competed in many local and international tournaments taking the highest honors in several categories. Now, he teaches full time while still continuing his own training daily. He also attends yearly seminars taught by his teacher and several of the great Chinese Martial Arts Masters of today. He has dedicated his life to learning and teaching the traditional Chinese Martial Arts and brings his teachings to his own school, the Temple Of The Dragon in Toledo, Ohio.

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