Temple Of The Dragon : Training Programs

Program 1: Trial

  • Two Kung Fu or Tai Chi classes per week

Program 2: Premium Trial

  • Two Kung Fu or Tai Chi classes per week
  • One Shaolin Yoga class per week
  • Weekly semi-private tutoring class

Program 3: Disciple

  • Three Kung Fu or Tai Chi classes per week
  • Two Shaolin Yoga classes
  • Bag conditioning class
  • Meditation class
  • Weekly semi-private tutoring class
  • Quarterly private discussion with head instructor

Program 4: Mastery

  • Up to 4 classes in Kung Fu and Tai Chi
  • 2 Shaolin Yoga classes
  • Bag Conditioning Class
  • Meditation Class
  • Once a month Mastery Program round table discussion
  • Once a month Mastery Program workout
  • Quarterly private discussion with head instructor
  • Weekly semi-private tutoring class

Boot Camp Programs

  • Try out tai chi or kung fu for a one month or a three month program

Register for our new 2 Day Introductory Course!

We would love the opportunity to meet you.  If you are interested in making a positive change and getting into the best shape of your life we invite you to register for our 2 Day Introductory course.

Kung Fu or Tai Chi?

The Temple of the Dragon’s 2 Day introductory courses are designed to allow you to see what a formal education in traditional Chinese Martial Arts is all about and to decide if this type of training is right for you.  Introductory Students  attend a regular Shaolin Kung Fuor Tai Chi class and become a part of a traditional, ongoing class at Temple of the Dragon.

It is an excellent opportunity to observe and experience the workings of traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi training.

The Shaolin Kung Fu course offers the fundamentals of breathing, stances, stretching, conditioning, and self-defense while the Tai Chi course teaches the fundamentals of meditation, breathing, stances, qigong, and form practice.

During the introductory classes, we will discuss any needs and/or goals a potential student may have and assess which of our programs can best help them achieve those goals. We will explain all of the features and benefits of our programs, and answer any questions introductory students may have.

At the end of the introductory course,students will be given both an exercise evaluation and the opportunity to sign up for one of several of our formal programs to further training.

Interested in making a positive change in your life?

Great! Simply fill out the 2 Day Introductory Class Registration here, or call 419 344 1559 …we hope to see you soon!


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Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

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