New Shaolin Yoga Classes in 2017

Shaolin Yoga classes at the Temple Of The Dragon are unlike any other yoga classes!
Our classes are always different and include basic stretching, yoga forms, two person stretching, and advanced dynamic stretching.
Gain more strength and flexibility, enjoy increased energy and decrease stress! Join our the Shaolin Yoga class at the Temple Of The Dragon today!

Current Shaolin Yoga classes are on Monday and Thursday from 6-6:50pm and new classesforming soon!
Cost for this class is $80 per month for a 6 month membership or $100 monthly without membership

For over 1,500 years the Shaolin temple monks have been incorporating Indian yogic postures and forms into their daily training. Along with yoga, martial art training, and meditation, the Shaolin monks have become famous for pushing their bodies and minds beyond their limits during their long training days. Shaolin Yoga is a collection of traditional yogic postures, Shaolin martial art postures, traditional moving forms, breathing techniques, and philosophy.

Shaolin Yoga at the Temple Of The Dragon proves that anyone can get into great shape by continual practice. Through a balance of static postures, moving postures, strength training, breathing exercises, and mental focus, each new student begins to feel better almost immediately. With ongoing progress, the student learns the awareness needed to keep up their training and to open their minds to new opportunities for a healthier lifestyle.

For more information please contact Temple of the Dragon by email at or call 419-344-1559

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