World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2016

Since 1999, Tai Chi Schools, Qigong groups and martial artists in 88 countries celebrate World Tai Chi & Qigong Day on the last Saturday in April at 10am at Wildwood Preserve Metropark in Toledo, Ohio. 

Temple of the Dragon will perform a student demo of a section of Chang Tai Chi and Sifu Aaron Arden and students will teach and lead everybody in the Yi Ji Jing set. Confucius Institute always has a really nice demo and qigong set, and , Beloved Tai Chi, Harmony in Motion, Taoist Tai Chi Society, Monroe Tai Chi and others will demonstrate different styles and weapons.

Join us!! Participation is free and if you are interested in Tai Chi or Qigong but have never had a chance to really learn, this is a great opportunity! All attendees will be able to learn and participate in various Qigong sets and meet other Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners from the area.

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